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About the author

The author is an arrogant loudmouth with too much time on his hands. Due to his colossal intellect and stunning good looks, he thinks far too highly of himself, despite the fact that he drinks too much, believes 13 years at university is a badge of honour, and insists that his three hour radio slot and online rants are the way of the future. If he isn’t running his mouth on community radio, he’s probably writing some scathing review of a pub he’s been banned from.

About Too Smart By Half

This is a dialogue. Everything I write here is my own opinion. Some of it is provocative, some of it is well-researched, most of it is written drunk at 3am, and none of it is to be taken seriously. I welcome all comments, trolls, threats, and insults. Thank you for visiting TooSmartByHalf.


3 comments on “About

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  3. NickKennyisAGayKhunt
    June 9, 2016

    Shut up Dick Kenny you fucken nobody flop

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