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Greedy, Ignorant, Entitled: Australia’s Biggest Bludger

By Nick Kenny

“Miners and other resource industries aren’t just ATMs for everyone else to draw from without that money having first been earned. Only I can do that.”

Gina Rinehart has hit the spotlight again this week, telling us the sky is falling unless we follow her instructions on how to make her more rich. Again, she has demanded Australia look to the rest of the world to change its wicked Commie ways.

That’s right, those parts of the world that are currently scratching their heads over our success, and are looking to us for advice. Those same foreign systems which fell to pieces as we marched through not one, not two, but three global economic disasters since 1998, with not a recession to show for a single one of them.

It is dumbfounding how someone of such wealth and influence could appear so unhappy with her lot. According to Miss “Aussies should work for $2-a-day like Africans do” Rinehart, Australia isn’t generating enough wealth for her and her kin. Apparently, that same country, infrastructure, work ethic, and economic platform, upon which the Rinehart family managed to build an enormous mining fortune and bequeath it unto her, has some explaining to do.

Only a fool gives another fool the time of day. Unfortunately for Australia, our biggest fool also happens to be the world’s wealthiest woman, is often listed as the most influential woman in the country (ahead of both our prime minister and governor-general), and is a powerful figurehead of that juggernaut of industries – the mining sector. She has some serious weight behind her.

It’s hard to know where to start. How do you engage in an intelligent debate with someone who has never worked a day in her life, who is drunk on her own wealth, and who idolises the sickening, corrupt likes of Joh Bjelke-Peterson and Lee Kuan Yew? What sort of regressive overlord actually wants to see Australians mired in poverty and destitution, digging up rocks for $2 per day, like that godforsaken African continent?

People like Rinehart think the way they do because they’ve been isolated from everyone who isn’t obscenely wealthy and fortunate their entire lives. They cannot get their head around the fact that there are seven billion unique people in the world, each dealt a very different hand at birth – more often than not a dud hand. They surround themselves with others born and raised in luxury and abundance, and come to the conclusion that anyone who hasn’t hit the big time must be either lazy, stupid, or both.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to shut her down on Q&A one night. Sit her next to half a dozen people who actually know what they’re talking about, throw in an African diamond mining refugee, one of Lee Kuan Yew’s former political prisoners, and an Aussie battler living on the poverty line for good measure. Get the popcorn out, put your feet up, then watch this gluttonous sociopath crash and burn.



3 comments on “Greedy, Ignorant, Entitled: Australia’s Biggest Bludger

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